Chic, feminine and everything but boring! That's traffic people. Born in the heart of London with new and edgy designs that are inspired by the 20s and 30s. Special and unique with a fun touch! With Traffic People's clothing you'll be ready for every chic event, all eyes will be on you! 

154,95 €
46,49 €
Traffic People 50s Maiko Geisha Tales Pencil Dress in Black
134,95 €
67,48 €
Traffic People 60s Monkey Bussiness Swing Dress in Black
144,95 €
72,48 €
Traffic People 50s Orian Geisha Tales Swing Dress in Black
164,95 €
82,48 €
Traffic People 60s Check Mate Swing Coat in Black and White
114,95 €
57,48 €
Traffic People 70s Don't Just Stare Dress in Green and Brown
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