Retro Vintage inspirierte Schals, Hals- und Haartücher um deinen Retro Look zu ergänzen!

2 11 2017
Louche 50s Barkley Banana Leaf Scarf in Pink
Collectif Clothing 50s Mathilda Kitten Scarf in Blue
Amici 50s Gloria Lemon Scarf in White
21,95 €
17,56 €
Amici 50s Selina Flamingo Scarf in Yellow
Erstwilder TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Meow At Midnight Scarf
Banned Retro 70s Velvet Knot Headband in Black
Collectif Clothing 50s Sprinkles Bandana in Pink
ZaZoo 50s Retro Scarf and Headband in Sky Blue
Birds on the Run 70s Cute Cat Drawing Scarf in Rust
Back in stock! GatsbyLady 20s Abigail Fringe Cape Shawl in Black
Unique Vintage 50s Sail Away Anchor Hair Scarf in Navy
ZaZoo Vintage 50s retro sash scarf Haarband Soft Pink
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