N2 50s Gold Plated Bonjour Paris Pastries Brooch
N2 50s Gold Plated Scared Strawberry Cream Cake Bracelet
N2 50s Delighted Strawberry Cream Cake Earrings
N2 50s Little Lemon Bathing in Tea Ring
N2 50s Face of Léon the Peacock Gold Plated Earrings
N2 50s Léon the Peacock Adjustable Ring
N2 50s Little Lion Cub Ring
N2 50s Little Lynx and Charms Necklace Gold Plated
N2 50s Playful Kitten And Goldfish Ring in Gold
N2 60s Sulky Carlin The Pug And Charms Necklace Gold Plated
N2 50s Kitty Cat Chasing the Mouse Ring in Gold
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