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White Swarovski Perfume brooch Puffed Heart BRAZA

Schade! Diese Größe ist leider ausverkauft und wird nicht mehr neu reinkommen :-(
Leider ist dieser Artikel ausverkauft und kommt nicht mehr neu rein.

White Swarovski Perfume brooch Puffed Heart BRAZA. Now you can keep your favourite scent with you all day and night and accessorize your bra or blouse at the same time! Simply spritz one of our foamies (15 included), with a favourite scent, tuck into the chamber behind the brooch and clip the brooch to the center of bra or top and...enhale!

The Perfume Brooch is great on a favourite v-neck, tank or cami and is stunning on the bra when it's peeking out from a plunging neckline. The possibilities are endless and guaranteed to add a little bounce to ones step and sparkle to life!


Brooch has a diameter of 2 cm (about 1 inch) 15 foamies included  More information about  Shipping rates - Delivery time - Return policy Small shipping  

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