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Trollied Dolly SALE! TROLLIED DOLLY 50s Flirty Square Neck dress Navy Yellow Polka

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50s Flirty Square Neck dress Navy Yellow Polka from Trollied Dolly. Anything but 'square'!... This retro inspired dress may feature this neckline but the nautical feel of the navy and yellow polka trimmed with a jaunty knotted feature will have all the boys repeating "Aye, aye captain!". This slim-line 50s silhoutte is incredible flattering. 'Decent' enough to wear to the office and flirty enough for the weekend. This cutie is an easy to wear dress for effortless summertime-chic... The classic yet cute style of this 1950s inspired dress can easily take you to every party. The possibilities are endless for dressing it up or down to fit the occasion. In several prints available! Weiterlesen...

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