Collectif Clothing 50s Enchanted Bird Earstuds in Lila
Collectif Clothing 50s Posy Bouquet Earstuds in Blue
Vixen 50s Sparkly Cherry Stud Earrings in Silver
Viva by Tendenza 50s Diana Diamond Heart Earrings in Gold
Kaytie 30s Valerie Vintage Blue Earstuds in Gold
Foxy 70s Gold Plated Ruby Crystal Fox Necklace
Foxy 70s Gold Plated Ruby Crystal Fox Earrings
Foxy 20s Gold Plated Agate and Crystal Drop Earrings
Foxy 20s Imperial Butterfly Hair Clip and Brooch in Gold
Kaytie 30s Lovely Vintage Bracelet in Silver
Kaytie 30s Veronica Vintage Diamond Ring in Silver
Kaytie 30s Valerie Vintage Earstuds in Silver
Kaytie 30s Viola Vintage Stud Earrings in Silver
Back in stock! Vixen 50s Crystal Evening Stud Earrings in Gold
Celestine 40s Sophie Flower Brooch in Silver
Foxy 20s Twilight Bird Hair Clip Brooch in Silver
N2 50s Face of Léon the Peacock Gold Plated Earrings
N2 50s Léon the Peacock Adjustable Ring
Foxy 40s Sparkles and Pearls Hairband in Silver
Foxy 20s Tamara Crystal Leaves Hairband in Gold
Foxy 20s Sara Sparkly Leaves Hairband in Gold
Vixen 60s Glamorous Leopard Earrings in Brown
Collectif Clothing 60s Pretty Polly Parrot Brooch in Gold
12,95 €
6,48 €
Glamfemme 30s Stella Earrings in Blue
19,95 €
9,98 €
Glamfemme 20s Clara Blue Beads Earrings in Gold
Collectif Clothing 50s Dianne Diamante Necklace in Pale Gold
Glamfemme 20s Maude Earrings in Green
44,95 €
22,48 €
Amici 20s Diana Flower Necklace in Black
Glamfemme 20s Baudine Earrings in Black
17,95 €
8,98 €
Glamfemme 20s Kathryn Sparkling Earrings in Silver
Glamfemme 50s Jennifer Drop Earrings in Gold
Glamfemme 50s Helena Hematite Earrings in Silver
Glamfemme 70s Fearne Red Feather Earrings in Gold
Glamfemme 30s Paloma Pearl Earrings in Gold
Darling Divine 50s Sparkly Stiletto Pump Brooch in Silver
Darling Divine 60s Diva Cat Brooch in Silver and Black
11,95 €
5,98 €
Collectif Clothing 50s Delicate Bow Drop Earrings in Gold
Darling Divine 40s Sparkly Flowers Brooch in Silver
ZaZoo 50s Pearl and Clear Stones Earstuds in Silver
ZaZoo 50s Clear Stone Flower Earstuds in Silver
Sweet Cherry 50s My Sweet Heart Earrings
The Pink Collar Life 50s Mansfield Masquerade Clutch in Black
The Pink Collar Life 50s Mansfield Masquerade Clutch in Pink
Lola 60s Golden Hanger Earrings
Lola 20s Pure Divine Necklace
Collectif Clothing 50s Sweet like Cherries Earrings in Red
Lola 20s My Greek Goddess Necklace
Coming soon ZaZoo 20s Her Ladyships Feather Headband
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