New Arrivals

Jeden Arbeitstag wird unser ausführliches Angebot von klassischen Kleidern in Pin-Up Stil, vintage-inspiriertem Schmuck, retro rockabilly Pumps, Taschen, usw. erweitert mit neuen Modellen und neuem Bestand!

New 02 03 2020
Vintage Chic for TopVintage 60s Aloha Tropical Floral Pencil Dress in Emerald Green
Keds 50s Champion Core Text Sneakers in White
Vixen 50s Arly Petticoat in Navy
Belsira 50s Tellerrock Swing Skirt in Blue and White Gingham
Louche 60s Neola Twill Mini Skirt in Ecru
Glamour Bunny 60s Gina Pencil Dress in White and Navy
Cissi och Selma 60s Alice Diva Dress in Floral Green
Unique Vintage 50s Chiffon Scarf in Black
King Louie 60s Boatneck Lapis Top in Very Green
Keds 50s Champion Breton Stripes Sneakers in White and Navy
Glamour Bunny 50s Lila Swing Dress in White and Navy
King Louie 60s Audrey Cottonclub Top in Peapod Green
Blutsgeschwister 50s Logo Stripes T-Shirt in Minty Blue
Glamfemme 50s Malachiet Earrings in Green
Pretty Vacant 60s Gaby Floral Bows Blouse in Cream
Darling Divine 60s Circle Earrings in Sand and Gold
Pretty Vacant 60s Jonie Floral Bows Dress in Cream
Pretty Vacant 60s Debbie Cosmos Dress in Mint Blue
Unique Vintage 40s Deco Mesh Wrist Gloves in Dusty Pink
Esther Williams Swimwear 50s Classic Polka Bikini Top in Red and White
Glamour Bunny 50s Janice Pencil Dress in Royal Blue
Collectif Clothing 50s Davina Plain Knitted Top in Navy
Cissi och Selma 60s Asta Vindsnurra Dress in Green and Cream
Glamfemme 60s Busy Bee Earrings in Gold
Louche 50s Erine Zinnia Midi Dress in Red
Esther Williams Swimwear 50s Classic Polkadot One Piece Swimsuit in Red and White
King Louie 60s Carioca Boatneck Top in Spar Green
Esther Williams Swimwear 50s Classic Cherry One Piece Swimsuit in Black
Esther Williams Swimwear 50s Classic Fifties One Piece Swimsuit in Green
Belsira 50s Doggy Dots Bikini Pants in Mint
Mak Sweater 60s Kristen Polkadot Sweater in Moss Yellow and White
King Louie 70s Sally Dentelle Wedding Dress in Petal Pink
Blutsgeschwister 50s Tipsy Me Cardigan in Sailors Ocean Dot Navy
Darling Divine 50s No Grit No Pearls Long Necklace in Gold
Darling Divine 50s Fever Earrings in Gold
King Louie 70s Ines Verona Jumpsuit in Black
Darling Divine 50s Boss Babe Sunglasses in Black
Esther Williams Swimwear 50s Classic Bikini Pants in Solid Black
Dolly and Dotty 50s Claudia Polkadot Swing Dress in Black
Collectif Clothing 50s Frou Frou Striped T-Shirt in Navy and White
Darling Divine 50s Shell We Dance Earrings in Gold and White
Ten Cate Secrets Dress in Powder Pink
Glamfemme 50s The Big Drop Earrings in Peach
Pretty Vacant 60s Hilda Tails Swing Skirt in Yellow and Blue
Belsira 50s Pretty Parrot Bikini Top in Dark Purple
Darling Divine 60s In Bloom Earrings in Yellow
Mak Sweater 60s Debbie Cat Striped Sweater in Bronze Yellow
Pretty Vacant 60s Debbie Mail Dress in Cream
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